About Me


Hi! I’m Christopher. I’m married to Joy, and we have three children. I’m an ordained United Methodist Elder (that means ordained pastor to you non-Methodist peeps). I’ve served churches all over Indiana (and a few across North Carolina while I was in seminary). I’m currently in Mount Vernon, Indiana at First UMC.

I started this sermon blog at the request of a parishioner who wanted to have my sermons available online. Blame her.

What’s with Pastopher? Simple. The youth at one of my former churches didn’t want to call me Pastor Christopher (apparently a mouthful of tongue-tripping syllables), so they shortened it to Pastopher. So that’s that. Some of them also declared me to be, and I quote, “just one of the girls,” so they call me Milly. (I obviously needed a female name to go with my awesome status as an honorary girl. I’m cool with that).

What else about me? Hmm. I’m from Evansville. Graduated from North High School. Got my B.S. from The University of Findlay, and my M.Div. from Duke University, The Divinity School. I can walk on my hands and turn cartwheels with the best of them (That’s me, second from the right).

Handstands 2014-05-04.jpg

In my spare time I like to write novels, especially fantasy & science-fiction. If you’re interested, you can check out my writing blog here: Icons of A Writer’s Soul

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