In-Person Worship COVID-19 Requirements (Updated 2021-02-23)

1. Do No Harm. IF YOU HAVE ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS WHATSOEVER, DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING. Our worship services will still be available online for those who cannot join us in person.

2. To enter the building, you MUST wear a mask properly over your nose and mouth. You MUST wear your mask properly throughout the service.

3. ENTER and EXIT the Sanctuary through the MAIN STREET DOORS only (unless you are coming from one of the adult Sunday School classes).

4. Wash your hands with hand sanitizer upon entry, and maintain a physical distance from others of at least 6 feet. Please do not shake hands or hug.

5. Individually wrapped communion cups with juice and wafers will be available for pickup at the entrance. Take the one you touch.

6. Please fill the FRONT of the sanctuary first, even if it means you don’t get to sit in your “favorite” seat.

7. Please take your seat and do not linger in the aisles. Our aisles are simply too narrow to allow for social distancing if people are standing in them.

8. When we dismiss, please allow those at the BACK of the sanctuary to exit first.

9. As an added precaution, we will not hand out any materials for the service.

10. At this time, there will be no children’s Sunday School classes, nor a children’s moment gathering in the worship service.

~Rev. Christopher Millay

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