First UMC Reopening Guidelines

Guidelines for in-person worship, beginning Sunday, June 28, 2020

We will have both of our regular worship services at 8:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

1. If you have any symptoms of illness whatsoever, do not enter the building. Please remember that the first General Rule of Methodism is “To do no harm.” We owe that to each other.

2. Maintain 6 feet of space between household units.

3. If possible, please enter the sanctuary through the Main Street doors and move to the open seats nearest the front of the sanctuary. This is to help us maintain physical distancing.

4. Sit only in pews that are open to seating. Every other pew will be closed to seating.

5. A mask or other face covering is required. Please bring your own mask or face covering. (I have 100 disposable masks available in case you forget yours, but please remember to bring your own).

6. Use hand sanitizer (60% alcohol minimum) to wash your hands immediately upon entering the church building. I will try to make some sanitizer available, but supplies are limited. It would be helpful if each household could bring a bottle for their own use.

7. No materials, including bulletins, will be handed out for worship.

8. Children will remain in the pew with their household unit. We will not have a Children’s Moment in worship. We will not have Wee-Sing or other children’s activities during worship.

9. Offerings may be dropped in a plate at the sanctuary entrances. We will not pass the offering plates during worship.

10. Hymnals, Bibles, writing utensils, and other materials will not be available in the pews. Worship songs, prayers, and other responses will be projected on the screen.

11. Holy Communion will be served to each household in the pews with bread only.

  • I will put on a mask, sanitize my hands, and wear gloves prior to handling the bread.
  • No juice will be served as there is not a safe way to do so. (Theologically, the bread is both body and blood, and the juice is both body and blood, so this is still FULL Communion).
  • I will hand a large piece of bread to one member of each household. That household member may then distribute the bread to the rest of their own household.
  • If you are uncomfortable with receiving Holy Communion, that’s perfectly fine. Simply decline when I offer it to you or your household.

12. We will dismiss by row from back to front and exit through the Main Street doors.

13. We will not provide coffee in the Gathering Room.

14. We will not have Sunday School classes for children and youth. The current recommendation is to not have children’s programs like Sunday School until the public school system resumes.

15. We will disinfect the sanctuary between worship services with disinfectant spray.

16. Adult Sunday School classes may meet while using social/physical distancing guidelines. The classrooms in Wesley Hall, however, are not large enough to allow for physical/social distancing, so each adult class will convene in a new location.

  • The Bible 101 class will meet in the chapel on the upper floor near the sanctuary. (If you have difficulty with stairs, it might be best to enter the building through the Main Street sanctuary doors and get to the chapel through the left-side door at the front of the sanctuary).
  • The Foundations class will meet in the old parlor on the upper floor behind the sanctuary. (Again, if you have difficulty with stairs, it might be best to enter the building through the Main Street sanctuary doors and get to the parlor through the right-side door at the front of the sanctuary).
  • The Maranatha class will meet in the larger Wesley Hall gym area (not the classroom).

17. Online donations may still be made through our Vanco Giving Portal at this LINK.

One thought on “First UMC Reopening Guidelines

  1. Thank you for these guidelines. We all need to continue wearing masks and distancing.

    Thanks again Chris
    God Bless


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